Accommodation in Florence: Santa Maria Novella

Accommodation in Florence_View of Santa Maria NovellaIf you are planning a visit of world‘s renaissance capital, one of the main questions is accommodation in Florence. It‘s not easy to choose accommodation in Florence, the city with such a wide selection of every kind of hotels – from five stars world famous hotels to very basic but cheep hostels and many many options in between. Which one is the best for you and in which part of the city? team divided the city into the zones and described their main features. Today we will talk about the Santa Maria Novella zone.

The city center of Florence has been inscribed on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage List. But there are many stunning monuments outside the down town, such as Santa Maria Novella zone and its surroundings. Santa Maria Novella square, dominated by the great Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, is one of the main and most beautiful squares of Florence.

Accommodation in Florence, Santa Maria Novella zone, has many positive sides. You are just few steps both from the railway station and Duomo, and other main city attractions. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques and even antiquarian stores. There are plenty of hotels and B&B of various levels and different prices. The zone is accessible with the car, and under the railway station there is a huge parking.

On the other hand accommodation in Florence, Santa Maria Novella zone, has some negative sides, like proximity of the railway station (on one hand it is the positive side, on the other one negative, because of the noise, plenty of tourists and pickpockets).

Accommodation in Florence_View of Santa Maria Novella