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Tips for Eco-Friendly Holiday in Elba

Terme San Giovanni ElbaThe island of Elba thanks to its small size, uncontaminated nature and responsible locals is able to offer a wide range of eco-friendly structures, services and activities. We would like to recommend some of them, tested personally. Here are  tips for eco-friendly holiday in Elba Island.

Fly to Elba Island with Silver Air Italia

Fly to Elba_Silver AirThe Island of Elba is a tiny paradise of the Tuscan Archipelago. Crystal clear water, golden sand, rocks poking out of the water, cozy coastal towns, delicious local food, and relaxing atmosphere hovering in the air – all this is Elba. It is an oasis of peace for those, who want to run away from the city noise and daily routines. We had the opportunity to experience that thanks to the airline Silver Air Italia.

What to eat in Elba island. An expert’s choice

What to eat in Elba_GurguglioneElba is not just an island, it is a different ecosystem, with a different balance between man and nature. You will realize it as soon as you leave Portoferraio and start to explore the island by riding its tricky roads. As its nature is still a bit wild and its people is still a bit rude, its cuisine seems to be a bit simple. But, actually, it is just an impression due to its tight connection with traditions of the locals: miners, farmers and fisherman.

Food and Wine of Elba

honey elba Elba is an island with stunning beaches and beautiful inland areas. The nature of Elba Island is worth your attention, but not only that. Food and wine of Elba are delicious and various. Discover more about it!

Most Beautiful Towns of Elba


Most beautiful towns of Elba PortoferraioOne of the most beautiful towns of Elba is Portoferraio. It is the town and comune in the province of Livorno, on the edge of the eponymous harbour of the island of Elba. It is the island’s largest city. Because of its terrain, many of its buildings are situated on the slopes of a tiny hill surrounded on three sides by the sea. It was founded by Cosimo I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, in 1548, with the name of Cosmopoli (“Cosimo’s City”), to balance the presence of the Spanish citadel in Porto Azzurro. It had three forts (Forte Stella, Forte Falcone and Forte Inglese) and a massive line of walls, all still visible today. The town center is crowded around the small marina drawn in a natural cove. Main points of interest include: Forte Stella, Forte Falcone, Forte Inglese, Archeological museum, Napoleon’s house.