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Best meat sagras in Tuscany

Eat in TuscanyTuscany is positively home of the “sagra”, and when the spring arrives, a lot of posters appear on the walls, like flowers in the fields, promoting upcoming festivals in Tuscany. Sagra is a typical country festival, usually based on some local specialty, promoted and organized by a local non-profit organization (e.g. sport teams, recreational entity etc.). It is a place where you can find the real typical Tuscan cuisine!

Top fish restaurants in and around Florence

Top fish restaurants in FlorenceOur colleague Federico was born and raised in Cecina, a Tuscan town on the Mediterranean sea coast. When eight years ago he moved to Florence, the idea of a good fish restaurant in Florence was something hardly to believe for him. As he says, it’s normal for every person which grew up on the seaside. But, actually, he changed his idea thanks to five fish restaurants in Florence.

White Truffle from Southern Tuscany

white truffles tuscanyThe area around San Giovanni d’Asso, which is the oldest hamlet in the entire Crete Senesi region, produces black truffles as well as the sought-after and costly white truffle. A truffle market fair and festival is held here during the second and third weekends of November.

What to eat in Elba island. An expert’s choice

What to eat in Elba_GurguglioneElba is not just an island, it is a different ecosystem, with a different balance between man and nature. You will realize it as soon as you leave Portoferraio and start to explore the island by riding its tricky roads. As its nature is still a bit wild and its people is still a bit rude, its cuisine seems to be a bit simple. But, actually, it is just an impression due to its tight connection with traditions of the locals: miners, farmers and fisherman.

Italian Recipes. Italian lemon granita

italian lemon granitaItalian lemon granita (in Italian granita al limone) is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and lemon, originally from Sicily. Italian granita in combination with a yeast pastry called brioche is a common breakfast in summer time. Make the granita at home and surprise your friends!

Sagra, or the best local food festivals in Tuscany

Sagra in TuscanyIn Italy,  mostly in central regions like Tuscany, Emilia Romagna or Lazio, a sagra  (pl. sagre) is a local food festival. The various sagre or local food festivals almost always have their origins in old country fairs, sport events or similar entertainments. The sagre are organized and celebrated by the local people so the tourists can feel the real atmosphere of the countryside feast.

What to eat in Livorno?

CacciuccoLivorno is a great city for foodies, and especially for those who love fresh fish and see food. There are many local recipes famous in all Tuscany and called alla livornese (English: in Livornese style), which very often means the star ingredient is cooked in a rich tomato sauce. As loved as it is for its Cacciucco, Livorno’s cusine is not just about this peppery, powerful fish stew. So what to eat in Livorno?

What to eat in Pisa?

Spaghetti alle arselePisan cuisine is an excellent combination of land and sea recipes. But when you are in a restaurant, it is quite difficult to choose what to eat in Pisa. The typical Pisan cuisine is formed from recipes deriving from land, sea and fresh water, with minor variations being applied from one locality to another. Many Pisan dishes are easily prepared with simple ingredients, and delicious. So after visiting the leaning tower and other beauties of the city, what to eat in Pisa?

Where to eat in Florence: Michelin restaurants

Michelin restaurant FlorenceIt is very simple to get lost in Florence. No, not when you are browsing its breathtaking old town, but when you are about where to eat in Florence… We know that in Florence there are around one thousand restaurants/ trattoria/ osteria/ bar and other type of places where you can find food from all around the world. We decided to help you by recommending some good restaurants and we start with the Michelin restaurants in Florence.