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Trekking in Tuscany: Vie Cave of Maremma

viacavacavoneLooking for some unique and strange place for trekking in Tuscany? We have found something very special for you – Vie Cave, or the excavated roads. The Vie Cave are an impressive road network linking an Etruscan necropolis and several settlements in the area between Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano in Maremma land (south Tuscany), consisting mainly of trenches excavated as nearly vertical cliffs in tuff, 1-4 meters width and sometimes over 25meters high. The Vie Cave you can find only in one part of the world, Central Italy!

Holiday in Maremma: Residence hotel Villa Scarfi

FOTO 2Relax, nature, culture, food and wine are the synonyms of wonderful residence hotel Villa Scarfi located near Roccastrada town. Here your holiday in Maremma will be peaceful, full of positive emotions, memorable moments and discoveries. Villa Scarfi is easily accessible by the picturesque road sourrounded by green hills and wide fields. The buildings of the villa were built in the end of XIXth century and renewed in 2010 by Maurizio Scarfi and Mariarosaria Damiano, the owners of this charming residence.

Mount Amiata: hike, bike and ride

Mount AmiataMount Amiata is an unmistakeable presence in the Maremma landscape: the only true mountain in southern Tuscany and, at 1736m, the highest extinct volcanoe in Italy. Known for its medieval towns, its food and wine and its ski slopes, it is covered in a magnificent forest which alternates from chestnut to firs and beech. Facing north east on the soft landscape of the Val d’Orcia, Mount Amiata closes the eastern side of the Maremma landscape and is near the Grosseto hills.

Tuff area in Maremma: Pitigliano

PitiglianoThe Tuff Area in Maremma is named after tufo, a volcanic, porous rock commonly used as a building material. The tuff has been carved over the centuries to build houses, cellars, tombs or used to make “tufi”, big square bricks which are typical of the villages and towns of this area of the hills of the Maremma.

Stay in Maremma: Poggio La Croce

velasugherasottoSomebody says that the stress is a revenge of mother nature, which uses it like a punishment to those who are no more living in harmony with her. And there’s no better place than stay in Maremma and especially Poggio La Croce to find your interior balance and to recharge yourself.

Stay in Maremma: B&B Vedetta Townhouse

logo_townhouseWhen we arrived in the small and very lovely medieval Scarlino village we didn’t expect to find such an interesting and original place to stay in Maremma. We talk about Vedetta Townhouse. B&B with tree independent rooms is located in the main square of Scarlino village. The perfect position of both small town and B&B allows day-travelers, couples and even work-travelers to spend here relaxing time and to enjoy the Maremma. This place deserves a journey, not only if you visiting Tuscany, but also if you are in Rome and not worried about a short travel by train or by car.

Stay in Maremma: Relais La Cianella

IMG_8224If you are planning your holiday with a family in Tuscany region and you are looking for unspoiled natural beauty and cozy medieval towns, you shoud stay in Maremma land, as we did it. Southern part of Tuscany, called Maremma, is away from city noise, it’s green, it’s peaceful, and it’s just perfect choice for you and your family! One of the best places to stay in Maremma during your holiday is the Relais La Cianella.

Tuscan coast: Maremma

IMG_8327In recent years, tourists come to Tuscany looking for nature and quiet beaches. Probably the best what can we offer our readers and clients is Tuscan coast and Maremma region. Why? Just keep reading! The Maremma is bordered by a transparent sea along its long and multicoloured coastline of sunny beaches and rocky cliffs. The clear water of the Maremma coast holds first place as the cleanest in Italy. The 160 km of splendid coastline offer endless possibilities for enjoyment. High cliffs alternate with small isolated coves. Long stretches of sandy beaches providing all comforts are protected by lush pine forests.

Stay in Maremma: Convent of Monte Pozzali

1Looking for breathtaking, luxury and unique place to stay in Maremma land? Convent of Monte Pozzali is our answer for you. We visited this stunning place and our first thought was „It‘s amazing… even better than in pictures!“. What does it mean to stay in the heart of Maremma, at Convent of Monte Pozzali? Untouched nature, relax and comfort, and uniqueness of this marvelous place.

Best Tuscan Beach 2014: Castiglione della Pescaia

5 veleEach year an italian organisation Legambiente (eng. League for the Environment) evaluates and selects most sustainable beaches of the country. In 2014 the best Italian and Tuscan beach is located in Castiglione della Pescaia, small village in Maremma land, Tuscany. It‘s not a big surprise – Castiglione della Pescaia beach already has prestigious „Blu Flag“ and some awards from Touring Club of Italy, that recognize not only the beauty of the water and the surroundings, but also a strong commitment to maintain the coast clean, efficient and able to provide all the necessary services.