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Top 4 Via Ferrata in Tuscany

Via Ferrata Tuscany Aristide Bruni Tuscany is known worldwide as a land of renaissance art, wine and gentile rolling hills, but it also attrackts a lot of climbers. The Apuan Alps have what to offer to the adrenalin and mountain lovers: fresh air, beautiful panoramas, trekking and hiking paths, and some noteworthy via ferrata in Tuscany.

Trekking in Tuscany. Abetone

Trekking Tuscany AbetoneThere are many beautiful places in Tuscany perfect for easy trekking, and Abetone is one of them. The area is well-known as the winter resort with some good ski trails, but during the summer Abetone becomes a real paradise for trekking lovers. We went there and checked it, and we can say – yes, Abetone is excellent spot for the nature lovers.

Trekking near Florence. Monte Morello

Trekking near Florence at Monte MorelloYes, trekking near Florence is possible, and Monte Morello with its peaks, green forests and water springs is the best choice! The mountain is really near Florence, paths are suitable for less experienced travelers and Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci is dotted with an excellent panorama. Even more, during the hot Florentine summer you will enjoy and appreciate the cool air of Monte Morello.

Where to ski in Tuscany?

Ski in TuscanyWhen you think of dream holidays Tuscany, you imagine breathtaking Duomo of Florence, smooth hills of Val D’Orcia, leaning tower of Pisa, wine yards of Chianti and romantic promenades along the seaside. And, we are sure, you won’t imagine that this region can also offer fun snowy winter-sport holidays! Ski in Tuscany? Is it possible, you will ask.

Trekking in Tuscany: Mugello

Trekking in Tuscany. MugelloTrekking in Tuscany, Mugello region is a good choice. Especialy if choose the Sorgenti di Firenze Trekking (SOFT, Florence Springs Walking), wich is a well marked system of hiking trails in Mugello mountains and the hills of the Sieve valley. Florence Springs Walking has twenty-two secondary trails that are connected in one main ring, called “I crinali del Mugello” (the Mugello crests). In the valley of the Mugello, you can walk for days along the Apennines Florentine enjoying trekking in Tuscany. The route is well equipped with hostels and stop-over facilities.

Castles in Lunigiana

malgrate castleDuring the Middle Ages, there were 160 castles in Lunigiana, only thirty of which have reached our times in a good state of preservation while others have fallen into ruin. The historical origins of these castles date back to times when the Lombards dominated most of the Pianura Padana and, seeking an outlet on the Ligurian-Tuscan coast, they found in the Cisa Pass and the Cerreto Pass, near the town of Fivizzano, the easiest ways to cross the Apennines.

Lunigiana Equi Caves and thermal baths

DSC_0161Equi Terme is a small village in the Lunigiana, north of Tuscany. The village is known for its caves, thermal waters and wonderful nature. If you are visiting Apuan Alps and their famous marble quarries, come to Equi Terme and enjoy its treasures! Lunigiana Equi Caves and thermal baths are waiting for you!

Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre National ParkCinque Terre (Italian: the Five Lands) – a place where not only those who like easy climbing in the mountains, but also those who love good seafood cuisine, wine, boat trips, walks around small towns, sun, swimming in the azure sea and a pink evening sky, will find what to do.

Carrara Marble Quarries

IMG_9032Carrara marble quarries are situated nearby the city of Carrara in the province of Massa-Carrara in the Lunigiana, the northernmost tip of Tuscany. Carrara marble is a type of white or blue-grey marble of very high quality, popular for use in sculpture and building decor.