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Wedding in Tuscany

Wedding in TuscanyTuscany is a region of traditions, and wedding day is one of the most important traditions, so important that is often called “il giorno più bello”… the most beautiful day… Indeed it’s not a surprise that Tuscany is ranked 1° in Italy (and one of the favorite in the world) as a destination for wedding tourism.

What to eat in Pisa?

Spaghetti alle arselePisan cuisine is an excellent combination of land and sea recipes. But when you are in a restaurant, it is quite difficult to choose what to eat in Pisa. The typical Pisan cuisine is formed from recipes deriving from land, sea and fresh water, with minor variations being applied from one locality to another. Many Pisan dishes are easily prepared with simple ingredients, and delicious. So after visiting the leaning tower and other beauties of the city, what to eat in Pisa?

Surroundings of Pisa in Summer

Surroundings of Pisa in MountainsPisa is so much beyond the Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli – the surroundings of Pisa in summer (beyond the city itself) offers interesting summer activities. Some of our ideas for your unforgatable holiday in Tuscany!

Where to eat in Pisa?

campano pisaWalking along Corso Italia or lying down on the grass in Piazza dei Miracoli, staring at the leaning tower.  But visit Pisa will surprise you also with the food. It could be a good surprise or a bad one, like in every tourist town, but I don’t like bad surprises when I am hungry. So where to eat in Pisa?

Celebrate New Year on March in Tuscany!

Capodanno-fiorentinoNew Year is the time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count is incremented. In many cultures, the event is celebrated in some manner. The New Year of the Gregorian calendar, today in worldwide use, falls on 1 January, as was the case with the Roman calendar. But there are numerous calendars that remain in regional use that calculate the New Year differently!

Week’s Place: Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tuscany

Italy counts 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders, the most of any country on the World Heritage List. Tuscany is a place filled with history – so much history that UNESCO has declared six Tuscan localities World Heritage Sites.

Santa Maria del Fiore The historic center of Florence, 1982

This area attests to Florence’s history as a powerful merchant city in the Middle Ages and Renaissance as well as being an testament to the achievements in architecture and art in this region. Notable buildings in this site include the 13th century Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the Church of Santa Croce, the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. You can view works by masters like Donatello, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo in this center.