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White Truffle from Southern Tuscany

white truffles tuscanyThe area around San Giovanni d’Asso, which is the oldest hamlet in the entire Crete Senesi region, produces black truffles as well as the sought-after and costly white truffle. A truffle market fair and festival is held here during the second and third weekends of November.

Palio di Siena horse race 2015. Advices for spectators

Palio di SienaPalio di Siena horse race was initiated in the middle ages in honour of the Virgin Mary. Even nowadays Palio di Siena is not intended only for tourists, but it is the most important event of the year for all citizens of Siena! Anyway, the race attracts many tourists from all over the world, and it is one of the must-see events of Tuscany. We have some tips for how to watch Palio di Siena race 2015.

One day in Siena

Siena 1One day in Siena and its surroundings can be very unexpected. The goal of our trip to Siena was a wonderful photo exhibition of world famous photographer Steve McCurry, but the day ended with much more than that. And it’s a perfect case to show how full of events and surprises is Tuscany! So we started with an short walk admiring small streets of Siena and stunning cathedral.

Horse Race Palio di Siena: Program

Horse race Palio di SienaThere are many books written about the horse race Palio di Siena; the process of preparation to it and a variety of its ceremonies is as important as the racing itself. This event is not intended for tourists, these are the century-old traditions (some rules have not changed since the first race in 1644); it is a matter of honour, the most important event of the year, which requires long months and sometimes an entire year of preparation. So it is simply a must to see the Palio during a trip to Siena!

Most Interesting Events of May in Tuscany

Seravezza Fotografia 2013

seravezzaThe tenth edition of ‘Seravezza Fotografia’ it is a yearly national and international event which brings the great names of the photographic world to a vast audience and the world of amateur photography. This year’s edition of Seravezza Fotografia presents a rich programme including a personal exhibition by Belgian photographer Bart Herreman, entitled “Esefossevero“.

Where to eat in Siena?

bandierinoThe old center of Siena is full of restaurants, trattorie and so on, so after I lived there for 8 years, let me tell you my favourite places. So, today on UnseenTuscany.com the best places and most tipical places to eat in Siena.

Il Bandierino

Let’s start with the restaurant Il Bandierino. The place is Piazza del Campo, and there are lot of table outside so you will eat a pasta or pizza just sitting in the most famous square of the city. They make a very good pizza (very big!) and they do it also for lunch. Last but not least, prices are low, compared to the location.

Week‘s Place: Magic Accona Desert in Tuscany

Accona desertThe Accona Desert (It. Deserto di Accona) is a semi-arid area in Tuscany, in the center of the so-called Crete senesi, in the west and the south of the comune of Asciano. It is characterized by calanques and dome-shaped formations locally known as biancane (deriving from Italian bianco, white, due to their light shade).

According to the Peveril Meigs classification this is a semi arid landscape due to the low rainfall which is less than 600 mm yearly. Consequently vegetation is scarce, instead there is a lunar like landscape. The area has carried this name since the middle ages and was depicted in the frescos of Buon Governo di Siena.

Week’s Place: Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tuscany

Italy counts 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders, the most of any country on the World Heritage List. Tuscany is a place filled with history – so much history that UNESCO has declared six Tuscan localities World Heritage Sites.

Santa Maria del Fiore The historic center of Florence, 1982

This area attests to Florence’s history as a powerful merchant city in the Middle Ages and Renaissance as well as being an testament to the achievements in architecture and art in this region. Notable buildings in this site include the 13th century Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the Church of Santa Croce, the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. You can view works by masters like Donatello, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo in this center.

Week’s Place: Abbazia di San Galgano and the sword in the rock

San_galgano_interno_2007 by wikipediaToday, in the rubric ‘The Place of the Week’ we invite you to San Galgano Abbey near Siena. Preparing for the trip around Siena, a question might arise – what unusual is here to discover if intimate villages and undulate hills are already visited? While travelling around Siena localities, it is simply a must to stop by this legendary place and to see a real sword in a rock.