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Trekking in Tuscany. Abetone

Trekking Tuscany AbetoneThere are many beautiful places in Tuscany perfect for easy trekking, and Abetone is one of them. The area is well-known as the winter resort with some good ski trails, but during the summer Abetone becomes a real paradise for trekking lovers. We went there and checked it, and we can say – yes, Abetone is excellent spot for the nature lovers.

Trekking near Florence. Monte Morello

Trekking near Florence at Monte MorelloYes, trekking near Florence is possible, and Monte Morello with its peaks, green forests and water springs is the best choice! The mountain is really near Florence, paths are suitable for less experienced travelers and Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci is dotted with an excellent panorama. Even more, during the hot Florentine summer you will enjoy and appreciate the cool air of Monte Morello.

Trekking in Tuscany: Mugello

Trekking in Tuscany. MugelloTrekking in Tuscany, Mugello region is a good choice. Especialy if choose the Sorgenti di Firenze Trekking (SOFT, Florence Springs Walking), wich is a well marked system of hiking trails in Mugello mountains and the hills of the Sieve valley. Florence Springs Walking has twenty-two secondary trails that are connected in one main ring, called “I crinali del Mugello” (the Mugello crests). In the valley of the Mugello, you can walk for days along the Apennines Florentine enjoying trekking in Tuscany. The route is well equipped with hostels and stop-over facilities.

Cinque Terre National Park

Cinque Terre National ParkCinque Terre (Italian: the Five Lands) – a place where not only those who like easy climbing in the mountains, but also those who love good seafood cuisine, wine, boat trips, walks around small towns, sun, swimming in the azure sea and a pink evening sky, will find what to do.

Trekking in Tuscany: Vie Cave of Maremma

viacavacavoneLooking for some unique and strange place for trekking in Tuscany? We have found something very special for you – Vie Cave, or the excavated roads. The Vie Cave are an impressive road network linking an Etruscan necropolis and several settlements in the area between Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano in Maremma land (south Tuscany), consisting mainly of trenches excavated as nearly vertical cliffs in tuff, 1-4 meters width and sometimes over 25meters high. The Vie Cave you can find only in one part of the world, Central Italy!

Trekking in Tuscany: Botri canyon

trekking in tuscany butri canyonIf you are interested in trekking in Tuscany and want to experience an amazing canyon in undiscovered Garfagnana zone, then check out a hidden place in the Serchio Valley, called Orrido di Botri, or Botri Canyon near Bagni di Lucca: a strikingly harsh calcareous cave with steep walls deeply by the cold waters of the Rio Pelago torrent.

Trekking in Tuscany: Paths Near Florence

reggello countrysideIf you are planning trekking in Tuscany, we have some interesting paths near Florence. You shouldn’t miss Reggello aera and Vallombrosa forest with its wonderful nature. Reggello aera is located about 25 kilometres southeast of Florence. The most famous point of interest is the Abbey of Vallombrosa, located in the middle of green forest and mountains. Vallombrosa is also a perfect place for a day of relax after intensive visit of Florence, the most famous art city in Tuscany. Trekking in Tuscany and paths near Florence, in Vallombrosa forest, will show you another, the unseen side of Tuscany.