Aperitivo by Italian of LondonKitsch Bar

Kitsch is one of the favourite bars in Florence for italian aperitivo. First of all, you get astound by its interior – red, gold, black colours, tiger patterns, sheen and strange objects perfectly reflect the name of this place – it really has kitsch in abundance. However, good cocktails and spectacular buffet are the most important here. In this place you can find snacks, first courses and even fried chicken, fresh and pickled vegetables, and, of course, desserts. You will not get such a large aperitif table anywhere else in Florence. Appetizers are served from 19:30 to 22:00. By the way, do not be surprised to come accross two Kitsch bars in Florence. The second one is called Kitsch Deux and is a bit smaller, but no less impressive.

Café de Paris

If you want to try an italian aperitivo, preferred by true Florentians (especially by students from the university situated nearby), but very seldom visited by tourists, you should try Café de Paris. It is a bar, located far-off the city centre, placing some tables in a small park alongside during the summer. If you are not lucky to find an available table, do not fall into despair – there are many benches in the park and bar staff do not mind if you take your drinks and food there. Appetizers are served between 18:00 and 22:00. The buffet is really rich – lots of salami, ham, various sandwiches, vegetables and pasta dishes.

Caffè Sant’Ambrogio

Caffè Sant’Ambrogio is always full of people, and due to this bar, a miniature square of the same name also fills up with people in summer. Recently, the bar has celebrated its 20th anniversary, so it can boast a deep tradition of italian aperitivo in Florence. Appetizers are available from around 18:00, offering a variety of snacks and cold pasta. Here you can also order a very good Tuscan wine at the bar. By the way, shoppers from the nearby market also stop by in Caffè Sant’Ambrogio before lunch.

Negroni Bar

Et voilà! The legendary bar in Florence, well-liked by ‘the cream of the town’, serves italian aperitivo from 19:00 to 23:00. Negroni bar is quite small; it is difficult to get a table here, therefore it is recommended to call in the afternoon and book your table in advance. The bar offers you to try not only the traditional Tuscan cuisine, but also such dishes as couscous, Basmati rice, sushi or tandoori. The bar owes its fame to the film ‘Amici miei’, in which it was the meeting place for main heroes.

Fusion bar

It is one of a few places with modern minimalist interior in Florence. Italian aperitivoare available till 22:00 and you are offered to try fusion-style dishes such as sushi, sashimi, bread boats with various creams, chicken wings, roasted vegetables and seafood, halibut in soy sauce, tuna with sesame seeds, soups, served in glasses and much more. The cocktail menu here is extremely interesting and bartenders are really great. Although aperitifs here are more expensive than in other places in Florence, it is really worth trying it just for once.

Pop Café

On the other side of the Arno River, in the square of Santo Spirito, well-beloved by the local youth, there is the Pop Café. The square is really noteworthy, because in its surrounding streets there are many craftsmen shops and small restaurants that still withstand mass production and the invasion of semi-finished goods. The italian aperitivo serving in Pop Café starts at 19:00. Here you can not only try traditional Italian cuisine, but also get a choice of basmati rice, vegetable curry, potato dishes and salads. And if you cannot not find free place inside, you can go on the stairs nearby and enjoy there your aperitif and music.

Aperitivo In Terrazza

Terrazza-brunelleschi2 by teladoiofirenzeIn summertime some of the hotels in the centre of Florence invite you to try ‘an aperitif on the terrace’. It is a great chance when you can enjoy your aperitif in hotel’s terrace without being a hotel’s guest and the views opening from the most beautiful terraces in the city are simply striking. One of them is the terrace and swimming pool of Grand Hotel Minerva, where, sipping your cold drinks and tasting various snacks, you can admire the breathtaking views of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral and a starry night sky.

Some of hotels offering ‘Aperitivo in Terrazza’: Grand Hotel Baglioni, Grand Hotel Cavour Grand Hotel Minerva, Hotel Boscolo Astoria, Hotel Kraft, Hotel Laurus al Duomo, J. K Place Firenze, Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio, Relais Chateaux Villa La Vedetta, Ristorante Terrazza Bardini, Terrazza Stendhal.