Italian Recipes: Cold Coffee Caffè Shakerato

caffe shakeratoToday on our weekly chapter of Italian Recipes we offer you to try authentic italian recipe of cold coffee caffè Shakerato. When it’s hot, a Caffè Shakerato (shaked coffee) can be a refreshing alternative to the usual black hot coffee, which, especially after meals, seems to be necessary. So today we have a quick and easy recipe to prepare a nice and fresh shaked coffee. The shaked coffee is prepared by placing the ice cubes in a shaker, with liquid sugar and coffee, and there are many variations and additions to this recipe, since each person (or bartender) prepares to suit your taste and adds its own “secret” ingredient. In the preparation of the shaked coffee is important to use liquid sugar, because the normal sugar may not melt completely.

Ingredients (2 persons):

• 2 cups freshly made espresso
• 2-3 soopns sugar syrup
• 8-10 ice cubes

Optional ingredients:

• 1 teaspoon coffee liqueur
• A few drops vanilla extract or syrup
• Twist of lemon or orange peel


• Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes.
• Pour the espresso over the ice. Add sugar or vanilla syrup to sweeten, if desired. Those with baroque palates may add vanilla extract or syrup, coffee liqueur, or lemon or orange twist.
• Shake vigorously for 10 to15 seconds and strain into a cocktail (Martini) glass.

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