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Italian Recipes. Tuscan Chicken Liver Paté

crostini-fegatiniItalians say that “antipasti” or snacks – it‘s a first tiny bite which stimulates appetite and intensifies smell and taste sensations. So if you want to follow the traditions of Italian table, during your stay in Tuscany start your dinner with the snacks. Or, if you want to impress friends at home – start your party with the Tuscan antipasti.

Usually italian antipasti can be cold or warm, made from a single product or more products and served in mini portions. Italian snacks are served in large round or oval plates, and very old traditions demand a large wooden pallet. Do not be afraid to experiment – in the same plate you can serve several different types of snacks.

Perhaps the most famous antipasto, necessary on each table, is the crostini di fegatini Toscani (toast with chicken liver patè). This dish came from the ancient times when lunch was served on one large tray, so that each member of the family ate as much as wanted.

The preparation of crostini di fegatini is simple and a very tasty liver patè you can make at home.


• 800 g. chicken livers, cleaned and rinsed
• 250 g. onions
• 20 g. garlic
• 40 g. anchovy fillets
• 100 g. capers
• 250 g. butter
• 100 g. olive oil
• Salt, pepper


• Cut the onions very finely, put into a preheated frying pan with olive oil and sear lightly.
• Smash garlic and pour into the pan.
• Cut Finely chicken livers and put into the pan with the onions. Bake on medium heat.
• When the liver is cooked, add the anchovies, capers and butter. When the butter is melted remove the pan from heat.
• Put the pans content into a mixer and puree until smooth.
• Schmear each toast with the pate and serve it on the table.