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Best Tuscan beaches. Province of Livorno

The seaside along the province of Livorno very often is called as an „Etruscan Coast”. It is one of the most interesting seaside areas in Tuscany. There are many traces of Etruscan heritage, transparent sea, ancient villages located on hills, natural parks, one of the world’s most famous wines and delicious seafood cuisine. The province […]


What to eat in Livorno?

Livorno is a great city for foodies, and especially for those who love fresh fish and see food. There are many local recipes famous in all Tuscany and called alla livornese (English: in Livornese style), which very often means the star ingredient is cooked in a rich tomato sauce. As loved as it is for […]


Tuscan Beaches: Where to Eat

Our food expert Federico presents his tips on where to eat while spending time on Tuscan beaches. But first he explains: „Initially I had thought to write an article on the best places to eat on all over the coast of Tuscany. But I realized that no one will ride through the entire coast just […]