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„Un Anno ad Arte“: the Best Art Exhibitions in Florence 2013

Madonna con Bambino, Sant'Anna e San Giovannino„Un anno ad arte“, a programme of eight temporary exhibitions which will be held in the Polo Museale Fiorentino’s most illustrious museums, opening in the spring of 2013 and closing at the end of the year.

Spanish Artists in Italy

The Galleria degli Uffizi will start the ball rolling with „From Rule to Fancy: Spanish Artists in Italy in the Early Mannerist Period“, an exhibition focusing on the intense artistic exchange between the most important Spanish painters and sculptors of the time – with Alonso Berruguete playing a leading role – and Florentine and Italian later Renaissance artists in the context of the style known as the early “manner”, or Mannerism.

Week’s Place: Pinocchio And the Fairy Tale Village of Collodi

Pinocchio-1940-posterProbably there are only a few who know that in February 1940, an animated film ‘Pinocchio’ appeared, produced by Walt Disney and based on the story ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ by Carlo Collodi. This animated 88 min. long film won two Oscars. So UnseenTuscany.com would like to share with you a short story about Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio and a small Tuscan village of Collodi.

In 1881 Carlo Collodi (his real name was Lorenzini) wrote a children’s book ‘Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino’, which became a world-famous best-seller, the inspiration of films, comics and music. However it was issued only after two more yaers.

Italian Recipes. Olive Patè

crostini-con-pate-di-oliveUnseenTuscany.com presents a very simple recipe – patè di olive (black olives patè). It is popular not only in Tuscany but Liguria and Sicily as well. You serve olive patè on small slices of toast. Olive patè can be used also to flavore salad, pasta or meat dishes.

Shopping in Tuscany: Most Famous Outlets

gucciIf you are planning a trip in Tuscany in January or July, without a doubt, you will find a shopping fever. However, during the whole year you can find some great offers – you just need to visit the most famous designer outlets in Tuscany. In Tuscany are located several major outlet towns, the so-called “outlet village“, where you will find Gucci, Prada, Cavalli and many other brands. In industrial and urban areas of Florence are located many factory outlets.

Holiday ideas: Holiday with Children in Tuscany

museo-dei-ragazzi-inMuseo dei Ragazzi di Firenze

The Association is based in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence which, for over seven centuries, has been a symbol of civic power in the city of Florence. The Museo dei Ragazzi uses fashions from the fifteenth to the sixteenth centuries in Florence to explain that historical era. Friendly staff of the Museum offers a variety of recreational and educational activities for children (in Italian, English, French and Spanish). Among them – frescoe paintings, guided tours by Giorgio Vasari, the secret corridors and rooms, theater shows and many others.

Italian Recipes. Tuscan onion soup

Cipolla di certaldoThe Certaldo Onion or Cipolla di Certaldo is one very special onion: cited in Boccaccio’s Decameron, the Vernina variety is a symbol of its town of origin. Two varieties exist. The Statina is round in shape and purplish in color with succulent flesh. It is best eaten in the summer months. The bright red and pungent Vernina is harvested from the end of August through the winter months.

Florence’s most famous love stories

Matrimonio_medievale_-_le_nozze_di_BuondelmonteVacations in Tuscany – is a wonderful gift for St. Valentine’s Day. So why don’t you spend a few days in romantic Florence, where you will hear lots of unusual love stories.

Buondelmonte de ‘Buondelmonti was a handsome and elegant young man, but one day he was attacked from ambush and murdered on the Old Bridge. The blame for this, of course, was laid on love: this young man had promised to marry the descendant of the honourable Amidei family, but later withdrew his intentions. The shame was washed away with blood…

Week’s Place: Unesco World Heritage Sites in Tuscany

Italy counts 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders, the most of any country on the World Heritage List. Tuscany is a place filled with history – so much history that UNESCO has declared six Tuscan localities World Heritage Sites.

Santa Maria del Fiore The historic center of Florence, 1982

This area attests to Florence’s history as a powerful merchant city in the Middle Ages and Renaissance as well as being an testament to the achievements in architecture and art in this region. Notable buildings in this site include the 13th century Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the Church of Santa Croce, the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. You can view works by masters like Donatello, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo in this center.

Italian Recipes. Pici with Garlic Sauce

picci all aglionePici with Garlic Sauce, or Pici all’Aglione (aglio means garlic, and gives an idea of just how garlicky this is) from the Montepulciano/Montalcino area south of Siena. Pici are hand-made, somewhat irregular strands of flour-and-water pasta (as opposed to egg pasta) that are about an eighth of an inch thick. If you can’t find them, use either bucatini or other thick-stranded pasta.

Week’s Place: little Capalbio

capalbioCapalbio is an ancient village surrounded by the Maremma countryside. Inside the medieval walls you can “feel” the old atmosphere of the past centuries; walking through narrow streets, little squares and old walks will bring you back to the past.

In the surroundings of the charming Capalbio in Maremma is the impressive Tarot Garden built by Niki de Saint de Phalle in the second half of the last century. The Garden displays the huge and beautiful sculptures by the French artist which depicting the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot cards.