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Chianti day trip

Radda in Chianti The Chianti Classico region is one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful hilly areas in Tuscany. The landscape is characterized by vineyards and olive groves and fortresses, parish churches and castles dominating the splendid surroundings. So it is certainly a must to visit at least ones in a lifetime.

Trekking in Tuscany. Abetone

Trekking Tuscany AbetoneThere are many beautiful places in Tuscany perfect for easy trekking, and Abetone is one of them. The area is well-known as the winter resort with some good ski trails, but during the summer Abetone becomes a real paradise for trekking lovers. We went there and checked it, and we can say – yes, Abetone is excellent spot for the nature lovers.

Best Tuscan Beaches. Versilia and Viareggio

Viareggio beachVersilia is a part of Tuscany in the north-western province of Lucca, and is named after the Versilia river. Versilia is known for fashionable Riviera resorts, it consists of numerous clubs that are frequented by local celebrities. But probably the most important characteristic is the best Tuscan beaches.

Wine tasting in Chianti

Wine tasting in ChiantiIf you love wine and you are planning a trip to Tuscany, you can’t miss a wine tasting in Chianti! This famous and historically important region offers the opportunity to taste prestigious labels and great vintages. Chianti wine could be considered as one of the most typical of products “made in Tuscany”, and known all over the world.

Weather in Tuscany month by month

weather in tuscanyHow many times did you ask yourself about weather in Tuscany? Is it better in spring or autumn, or maybe in summer? It is not an easy question, because of many difference that you can find in the region (seaside, mountains, cities, forests…).

Trekking near Florence. Monte Morello

Trekking near Florence at Monte MorelloYes, trekking near Florence is possible, and Monte Morello with its peaks, green forests and water springs is the best choice! The mountain is really near Florence, paths are suitable for less experienced travelers and Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci is dotted with an excellent panorama. Even more, during the hot Florentine summer you will enjoy and appreciate the cool air of Monte Morello.

Best Tuscan beaches. Province of Livorno

best tuscan beaches livornoThe seaside along the province of Livorno very often is called as an „Etruscan Coast”. It is one of the most interesting seaside areas in Tuscany. There are many traces of Etruscan heritage, transparent sea, ancient villages located on hills, natural parks, one of the world’s most famous wines and delicious seafood cuisine. The province of Livorno includes some of the most famous and best Tuscan beaches.

Wine festivals in Tuscany

Wine Festivals in TuscanyWine festivals in Tuscany and wine tastings in Tuscany is an integral part of the culture of this beautiful Italian region. You cannot spend your holidays in Tuscany without tasting least one of the wines produced in this region! The whole year in one or another part of Tuscany a festival of grapes and wine is held. This is our list of the most interesting and popular wine festivals in Tuscany. Do not forget to check the exact date of the event!

Blue Flag beaches in Tuscany 2015

Blue Flag beaches in TuscanyEach year the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) announces Blue Flag beaches around the world. The prestigious eco label for cleanliness and sustainability ensures water and environmental quality of coastal resorts. This year 18 best Tuscan beaches are marked with the Blue Flag label. Discover  Blue Flag beaches in Tuscany 2015!

Sagra, or the best local food festivals in Tuscany

Sagra in TuscanyIn Italy,  mostly in central regions like Tuscany, Emilia Romagna or Lazio, a sagra  (pl. sagre) is a local food festival. The various sagre or local food festivals almost always have their origins in old country fairs, sport events or similar entertainments. The sagre are organized and celebrated by the local people so the tourists can feel the real atmosphere of the countryside feast.