UNESCO World Heritage in Tuscany: Medici villas

The Medici villas are a series of rural building complexes in Tuscany which were owned by members of the Medici family between the 15th and the 17th centuries. In 2013, the Medici villas were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The villas served several functions: they were the country palaces of the Medici, scattered over […]


Vine Festivals in Tuscany, September 2015

Another summer has come to an end, and the end of the summer marks the beginning of the grape harvest in Tuscany. There are also many festivals and feasts dedicated to typical wines of the region and held in the most beautiful Tuscan towns. Here is the list of the best wine festivals in Tuscany […]


Top 4 Via Ferrata in Tuscany

Tuscany is known worldwide as a land of renaissance art, wine and gentile rolling hills, but it also attrackts a lot of climbers. The Apuan Alps have what to offer to the adrenalin and mountain lovers: fresh air, beautiful panoramas, trekking and hiking paths, and some noteworthy via ferrata in Tuscany.


Best historical residences in Florence

Florence is still stuck in the renaissance, and you can feel it wandering its narrow streets, admiring its beautiful buildings or visiting city‘s most famous museums. But if you desire to experience a real dip into the glorious past of Florence, you should stay in one of the best historical residences in Florence.

Best beaches

Best Tuscan Beaches. Torre Mozza Beach

Torre Mozza can be described as a place between legend and truth, one of the best Tuscan beaches in the Gulf of Follonica. The secret of Torre Mozza is a coastal fortification and an old Roman road, both rinsed with the crystalline clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.


Italian Recipes. Italian lemon granita

Italian lemon granita (in Italian granita al limone) is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and lemon, originally from Sicily. Italian granita in combination with a yeast pastry called brioche is a common breakfast in summer time. Make the granita at home and surprise your friends!


Your dream wedding in Tuscany

Dreaming of a wedding abroad? The wedding in stunningly beautiful Tuscany, one of the most famous Italy’s region which can satisfy even the pickiest couples? Why not! Tuscany has long been the place where not only the most famous Hollywood actors and world music stars but also couples from all over the world get married. […]