IMG_8207Spending your holidays in the Maremma means experiencing a myiriad of places and environments as fascinating as they are different from each other. The Maremma offer a mixture of ancient civilizations, quite and exclusive places, local traditions, lush landscapes, sandy beaches, cliffs overhanging the sea, crystal clear water and numeroous nature reserves. In Maremma there is an explosion of small ancient towns, fashionable places, VIP ports, élite international tourist destinations, full of life.

All this is accompanied by an outstanding culinary and wine-making tradition. In Maremma there is an extraordinarily rich culinary tradition with both inland ande sea specialties, its “Wine Trails” run through magnificent wine-growing areas which offer an integrated tourist package of cultural, historical and natural attractions.

Holidays in Maremma for the lovers of underwater: in the coast of Maremma there are the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean to go diving.

The Maremma has many locations of archaeological, artistic and monumental interest. Many and widespread the traces left by the Etruscan and Roma civilizations in remote ages. In the Middle Ages the families of Aldobrandeschi, Lorena, Orsini and Medici left works and fortifications, many graceful towers, castles, fortresses. In Maremma there is no town or village that doesn’t offer the visitor a view of beautiful landscape. Holidays in Maremma for a special atmosphere at all times of the year.

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