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Via Ferrata Tuscany Aristide Bruni Tuscany is known worldwide as a land of renaissance art, wine and gentile rolling hills, but it also attrackts a lot of climbers. The Apuan Alps have what to offer to the adrenalin and mountain lovers: fresh air, beautiful panoramas, trekking and hiking paths, and some noteworthy via ferrata in Tuscany.

Via Ferrata del Monte Contrario is the most challenging Via Ferrata of Tuscany and Apuan Alps. The height difference is remarkable, there are a lot of difficult and the last part of the pathway is tiring. Not to deal with in case if untrained or of bad weather, and only with proper equipment.

Level: experts only
Time: the entire excursion takes 8-9 h, the via ferrata 2.30 h.
Distance: 9,8 km
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Via Ferrata Tordini-Gallicani extends along a beautiful rocky outcrop, in the shade of the spectacular north face of the Pizzo d’Uccello mountain. From the top, you can enjoy an excellent view of surrounding valleys and mountains. Harness, helmet and via ferrata kit are must.

Level: very difficult
Time: the entire excursion takes 7 h, the via ferrata only takes 2.15 h.
Distance: 9,4 km
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Via Ferrata Roberto Salvatori (Monte Forato) is a nice panoramic tour that leads to Monte Forato. Monte Forato is a mountain (1,230 m) formed by a natural arch. The hole, nearly circular in shape, has a height of c. 12 m

Level: difficult
Time: the entire excursion takes 4.3 h.
Distance: 5,1 km
More information: HERE
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Ferrata Aristide Bruni (Monte Procinto) is the older Ferrata not only in Tuscany, but the whole country. It’s very short but vertical, for this reason it is reserved for expert hikers only.

Level: experts only
Time: the entire excursion takes 4 h.
Distance: 4 km
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Via ferrata in Tuscany


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