Top fish restaurants in and around Florence

Top fish restaurants in and around Florence

Top fish restaurants in FlorenceOur colleague Federico was born and raised in Cecina, a Tuscan town on the Mediterranean sea coast. When eight years ago he moved to Florence, the idea of a good fish restaurant in Florence was something hardly to believe for him. As he says, it’s normal for every person which grew up on the seaside. But, actually, he changed his idea thanks to five fish restaurants in Florence.

kabutes2This is my personal top list of fish restaurants in Florence. It could be not a complete list, but I write about what I personally tried!

My personal number 1 fish restaurant in Florence is “San Martino”. You will find there meat dishes and delicious pizza too, but its fish dishes are just astonishing! The dishes are rich and abundant, the flavor is very good, and there is also a large variety in menu. The place is furnished in marina style and it will be perfect both for an exclusive event and for a very informal dinner. The crew is experienced and very kind, they will make you feel like at home! The prices are well-proportioned, and there is a possibility to choose all-inclusive menu “I Menu Speciali di Pesce” (wine is included too). My personal recommendations go to “Zuppetta Viareggina” and “Grigliata del Pascià”. There is only one thing you have to keep in mind: the best fish restaurant in Florence “San Martino” is quite far from the city center thus you’ll need a car to go there… but it worth the visit!

If you don’t want to move from the city center, I have other fish restaurants in Florence to suggest. Located between Basilica di Sal Lorenzo and the central station of Santa Maria Novella, “Lobs” is a perfect fish restaurant in Florence for those who want some privacy and romance. The menu it’s a little bit more refined, and you’ll be totally in bliss for its oysters, that are my first suggestion, followed by “Pici all’Astice” (Astice means Lobster). The “Lobs” is not a cheap restaurant, but in Florence city center for me it is best fish restaurant so far!

Fish Restaurant Lobs

Another top restaurant is “Fiaschetteria di Pesce”, most informal place to eat a fresh fish in Florence. It is a fish shop and fish restaurant all together. Inside “Fiaschetteria di Pesce” there are only few tables and a lot of people, but dishes made of fresh fish are very tasty, and for the reasonable price. I suggest to go there at lunch time or to try a very unusual aperitif!

Again a little bit out of Florence, driving Bagno a Ripoli direction, there is a fish restaurant “Acqua Cheta”. It was the first fish restaurant I tried in Florence, and I was impressed by their incredible portions. Even now I feel the same emotion about their famous “Basto io”: giant plates of pasta or rice with the seafood! This is absolutely something you have to try! But, before to throw yourself in this eating contest, I suggest you to try a good starter, like “Pepata di Cozze con Bruschetta”, another big dish for people with big appetite!

acqua cheta ristorante florence

All in all, I’d like to mention not a fish restaurant in Fiesole. The restaurant “Fiesolano” aka “Perseus Fiesolano” is mainly a meat restaurant (and it is one of the best in Florence), but here you can find the best fish paella in Florence and Fiesole. Moreover, the location is amazing, both inside and outside the restaurant!

Buon appetito! Federicokabutes1

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