Trekking in Tuscany: Mugello

Trekking in Tuscany. MugelloTrekking in Tuscany, Mugello region is a good choice. Especialy if choose the Sorgenti di Firenze Trekking (SOFT, Florence Springs Walking), wich is a well marked system of hiking trails in Mugello mountains and the hills of the Sieve valley. Florence Springs Walking has twenty-two secondary trails that are connected in one main ring, called “I crinali del Mugello” (the Mugello crests). In the valley of the Mugello, you can walk for days along the Apennines Florentine enjoying trekking in Tuscany. The route is well equipped with hostels and stop-over facilities.

In the course of the first Mugello ring, walkers can be housed in “places step” where there are public shelters in villas, farmhouses, former country schools, monasteries, camping or travel companies. The stopping place is almost always in small villages or in places attractive, accessible by car. The twenty-two secondary routes offer the possibility of a days-on-end of hiking, each highlighting a particular theme of environmental, historical and artistic routes. Discover trekking in Tuscany and enjoy the nature!

You can find the description of the Florence Springs Walking trails