How to reach Tuscany by Kuster&WildhaberBy plane

How to reach Tuscany by plane? Tuscany, located in central Italy, can be easily reached by air – there are direct flights to Florence and Pisa from some major European cities or flights to Milan and Rome from various towns all around the world. From Rome and Milan there are modern high-speed trains Freccia Rossa and Italo going to the most important Tuscan city – Florence, but those, who prefer a more cost-saving way of travel, can take comfortable Intercity and regional trains.

By bus

How to reach Tuscany by bus? It is also possible to reach Florence by buses that go on international routes.

By car

How to reach Tuscany by car? For those who travel by car, the most convenient road to Tuscany is A1 highway in northern Italy, Highways in Italy are the toll roads (you must take a ticket when you enter a highway and pay when you exit).