Where to eat in Siena?

bandierinoThe old center of Siena is full of restaurants, trattorie and so on, so after I lived there for 8 years, let me tell you my favourite places. So, today on the best places and most tipical places to eat in Siena.

Il Bandierino

Let’s start with the restaurant Il Bandierino. The place is Piazza del Campo, and there are lot of table outside so you will eat a pasta or pizza just sitting in the most famous square of the city. They make a very good pizza (very big!) and they do it also for lunch. Last but not least, prices are low, compared to the location.

Al Mangia

If you want to stay in Piazza del Campo, but you want a place more refined, you can try the restaurant Al Mangia. The place takes the name from the tower just in front of the restaurant. Al Mangia will offer you all the dishes of the tradition of Siena, for example “Risotto with onion, sousage and the Chianti wine”, “Pici of Siena with porcini mushrooms and calamint” or “Chicken casserole with siennese herbs”. They organize also special dinner after the two Palio (2 July and 16 August).

San Paolo

Just few steps on the stairs beside Al Mangia and you will find one of the most characteristic places of Siena, the San Paolo, a very old pub, with very good sandwiches, beers and a small balcony over piazza del campo. San Paolo will be perfect for a fast lunch or a beer after dinner looking the square from a very romantic place.

Antica Trattoria Papei

Let’s move a bit from the main square to Piazza del Mercato, all’Antica Trattoria Papei. Another traditional trattoria, with very good food, with old recipes of the Senese territory, and with very good staff. You should try tosted bread with olive oil, pepper and salt “La Fettunta”, beef “Tagliata alla Montalcinese” or pasta with mushrooms “Pappardelle ai Funghi Porcini”. If you like the home cooking style, this is your place!

Taverna di Cecco

Finally, I’d like to recommend the Taverna di Cecco, which take the name from Cecco Angiolieri, a rebel poet lived in Siena in XIII century. The place is very small and the tables are so close that will be easy to find yourself eating with strangers. But if you can bear with it, the kitchen of Taverna di Cecco, will offer you genuine dishes just like you would be invited to have a dinner in some private house of Siena.