Horse Race Palio di Siena: Program

Horse race Palio di SienaThere are many books written about the horse race Palio di Siena; the process of preparation to it and a variety of its ceremonies is as important as the racing itself. This event is not intended for tourists, these are the century-old traditions (some rules have not changed since the first race in 1644); it is a matter of honour, the most important event of the year, which requires long months and sometimes an entire year of preparation. So it is simply a must to see the Palio during a trip to Siena!

Program of Palio di Siena, 2th July, 2013:

07:45 Piazza del Campo: “Messa del Fantino” – Holly Mass in Cappella della Piazza chapel.

09:00 Piazza del Campo: “Provaccia”, the last attempt.

10:30 Palazzo Comunale: assegnment of The jockeys and horses.

14:30 In each Contrada – city district: blessing of the horse.

16:30 Palazzo del Governo, Piazza Duomo: start of the historical parade “Corteo Storico.”

17:20 Piazza del Campo: historical parade enters Piazza del Campo.

19:30 Piazza del Campo: start of the race Palio di Siena.

Celebrating of Palio di Siena in the streets of the city.

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