Trekking near Florence. Monte Morello

Trekking near Florence at Monte MorelloYes, trekking near Florence is possible, and Monte Morello with its peaks, green forests and water springs is the best choice! The mountain is really near Florence, paths are suitable for less experienced travelers and Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci is dotted with an excellent panorama. Even more, during the hot Florentine summer you will enjoy and appreciate the cool air of Monte Morello.

Monte Morello is the highest mountain (934 m) in the Florentine valley, Tuscany. It is located to the north-west of Florence and it spreads across the borders of the municipalities of Florence, Vaglia, Sesto Fiorentino and Calenzano. The highest peaks are the Poggio all’Aia, known as the “Third Point” (934 m; there is placed a wooden cross); Poggio Casaccia, said the “First Point” (921 m, there is placed an iron cross); Poggio Cornacchiaccia, said “Second Punta” (892 m).

Natural park of Monte Morello is rich in fauna and flora – wild boars, foxes, deer, hares, skunks, weasels and other animals are quite common. The masiff is covered with a thick layer of vegetation – pines, oaks, cypress, some varieties of wild orchids and other plants. There are also many water springs (Seppi, Ciliegie etc …).

Along the tarmac road, which runs through the Monte Morello, there are few restaurants and pizzerias. In the summertime this area becomes, due to the scarcity of artificial light, an excellent point to observe the stars and planets. Besides the area is rich in cultural heritage like churches or parishes, old stone houses ect.

How to get there? The easiest way to reach Monte Morello is a car. Take the Via Bolognese (SR65), then turn right to Via Fontesecca (ST130). You can stop at Piazzale Leonardo da Vinci. Here it is possible to admire the view of Florence and to have some drinks or snacks at „Caravanserraglio“.

Actually, you can start your trekking near Florence here, the only thing you need to is to follow special signs. Otherwise go forward for approximately 2 km, leave the car at the parking place and go towards the forest. At the beginning of the forest you will find several sings indicating trekking paths of different duration. Or just take the gravel road and enjoy the nature!

For those who are better prepared for trekking near Florence or who want to spend all day browsing the area of Monte Morello we suggest „Three peaks” route. The length of the trail is 6,5 km, the round trip takes approximately 6 hours. The departure point is Rifugio Gualdo (it can be reached by following the panoramic road).

From the Rifugio Gualdo (428 m) take the excavated road, leaving the steep Pensionato path on your right.

Follow the uphill excavated road until reaching the crossroad at Fonte del Ciliegio and take the Cai no.10 until the southwest peak where at the crossroad we begin to go rapidly uphill among fields and woods until reaching Poggio all’Aia (934 m) and the wooden cross.

Follow Cai no.00 downhill to Valico della Selletta and then uphill until second peak Poggio Cornacchiaia.

From here, follow the hill up to Poggio Casaccia, the third point on the itinerary signed with a metal cross.

Begin to go downhill through the fields and woods to Sella delle Colline where you will encounter the road that leads to Fonte dei Seppi.

Shortly afterwards, you will reach Cai no.11 that leads down to the Panoramica dei Colli Alti near Fonte Benciolino and return to the Gualdo shelter.


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