Trekking in Tuscany. Abetone

Trekking Tuscany AbetoneThere are many beautiful places in Tuscany perfect for easy trekking, and Abetone is one of them. The area is well-known as the winter resort with some good ski trails, but during the summer Abetone becomes a real paradise for trekking lovers. We went there and checked it, and we can say – yes, Abetone is excellent spot for the nature lovers.

Trail name: Abeto-Libro Aperto Mount

Total duration: around 6 hours

Total lenght: around 10 km

Hight difference: 560 m

Difficulty: medium

Tour begins in Piazza delle Piramidi in Abetone town (1388 m), Province of Pistoia, Tuscany. Take the road that goes right into the forest of Boscolungo up to the fountain (1475 m, 25 minutes from the start). From here follow the wide forest track that goes right northeast (if you stand in front of the fountain, the road is in front of you). Go straight until you reach a saddle called Serra di Motte or Mouth of Verginette (1502 m). In this area there is a building known as the Casa di Lapo which in summer provides a catering service.

From here begins the real ascent to Libro Aperto (path CAI 00). The trail climbs between pastures and large rocks, and the view becomes wider and wider. In approximately 1 hour you will reach the top of Mount Belvedere (1895 m), one of the two peaks of Libro Aperto. The other peak is called Monte Rotondo (1936 m). From here you can enjoy a vast panorama of the entire Apennine ridge and the valleys of Modena, Bologna and Pistoia.

To return take the path No 495 that leads down to the Vallon dei Faggi and Lago delle Risaie lake. Reached the Mouth of Verginette follow the wide forest track to return to Abetone.



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