Abetone winterSkiing in Tuscany? Yes, it is possible! So why not combine the cultural program of your holidays with a few days trip to the ski centre of Abetone.

Abetone Mountain is 1388 m. Abetone has 22 lifts and about 50 km of ski slopes that extend along the Val di Luce, Valle dello Scoltenna, Valle della Lima and Valle del Sestaione valleys. Those, who are incompetent skiers, will find here friendly and professional ski instructors, and both beginners and professionals will definitely discover a trail perfectly suitable for them. Here you can also rent the necessary equipment. Moreover, since 1983, a children’s ski race ‘Pinocchio sugli sci’ (English: Pinocchio on skis) at Abetone has been organised, which eventually became an international competition.

In winter many ski lovers from Florence, Pistoia and surrounding towns come to Abetone. But don’t be mistaken – there are plenty of activities during all other seasons as well: lots of hiking trails intended for sightseeing, horse riding, mountain biking in search of adrenaline, gleaming lakes and vibrant streams, ancient villages and great food attract many visitors. So what can you do in the Abetone area during the summer?

Abetone winterAbetone Gravity Park – a large park dedicated to mountain biking lovers. Fans of ‘Downhill’ and ‘Freeride’ will find here even five different trails of 6 km in length. Meanwhile, a ‘Cross Country’ trail with various levels stretches for about 30 km. It is the only park dedicated entirely to mountain biking in central Italy and, in addition, it is equipped with a super-fast lift system (it makes the height difference of 700 m in 7 minutes).

hanging bridgePonte Sospeso – a hanging bridge. In the Mammiano Basso area there is a bridge of 220 m in length, hanging 40 m above the Lima River. It is one of the longest hanging pedestrian bridges in Europe.

Orto Botanico is the Botanical Garden in the Valle del Sestaione area, situated at a height of more than a kilometre. In the outskirts of Abetone there is also Ecomuseo della Montagna Pistoiese – an eco-musuem, presenting exciting sightseeing tours (such as Ice Road, Iron Road, Way of Religious Art and etc.).

Piteglio townIn the town of Boscolungo tourists can find a closed swimming pool that is operating year-round. Some other villages, which are worth visiting due to their extraordinary atmosphere, are Cutigliano, Piteglio and San Marcello Pistoiese.

In August ‘Festival del Mirtillo’ takes place at Abetone – it is a traditional blueberry festival with an open market, where you can taste a variety of dishes with blueberries.