Exhibition „The Dalì Universe Firenze“

Dali exhibition FlorenceFebruary 1 in Florence is the opening day for the spectacular exhibition ‘The Dali Universe Firenze’ at the old Medici-Riccardi Palace, dedicated to the surrealist painter Salvador Dali. It includes more than a hundred lesser known works of the genius, giving the opportunity to get better acquainted with the world-famous artist.

The exhibition demonstrates Dali’s bronze sculptures, illustrations, decorative objects made ​​of glass and gold, and furniture. Dali’s illustrations, used for both classical and modern literature, are especially interesting though little known to public.

The exhibition was organized by Fondazione Ambrosiana per l’Arte e la Cultura and President Beniamino Levi, one of the best experts of Salvador Dali, who personally knew the eccentric artist and visited him in his residences in Paris, New York and Spain.

The exhibition is open: February 1 – May 25

Address: Via Camillo Cavour 1, Florence

Opening ours: 9:00 – 19:00