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Italy by train. Italian trains and tickets

Kelionės traukiniais Italijoje. FrecciaRossaItaly by train can be a real challenge even for the experienced travelers. There are plenty of different trains, different tickets, discounts and other bugs. Here you can find a brief information about Italy by train with Trenitalia company, and about Italo we will talk the next time.


Frecciarossa are trains that run through the high-speed line between Turin and Salerno travelling up to 300 km/h with fast and frequent connections. Executive class for an exclusive travel experience, Business class the ideal way of travelling, for business or pleasure, Premium for a comfortable travel, Standard the low-cost high speed. Rome-Florence (270 km): time 1:30, price € 43,00.

Frecciargento are trains running through both the high-speed and traditional lines travelling up to km/h with connections that shorten the distance between Rome and the major metropolitan basins of the North-East and South sides of the Country. Roma-Florence (270 km): time 1:30, price € 43,00.

Frecciabianca runs on traditional lines, outside the high-speed network, guaranteeing comfort and quality services. 86 trains each day* connect 87 medium and big towns. Milan-Venice (280 km): time 2:30, price € 37,50.

InterCity are relatively fast trains that run the length of Italy, stopping at cities and large towns. First and second class service is available. Rome-Florence (270 km): time 3:00, price € 35,50.

Regionale veloce and Regionale are the local trains, cheap, dirdy and reliable.


Base. The Base ticket has got much more flexibility! Before departing you can change your ticket as much as you like free of charge! With Base ticket you travel on all trains, excluding Executive service.

Economy. Available up to train departure, on all trains in 1st and 2nd class and for Business, Premium and Standard service, and couchettes and Wagon Lits. Travel starting from 9 euros on all Frecce trains. The number of seats available is limited

Super Economy. Looking for a super saving? Available up to departure on all trains in 1st and 2nd class, in Business, Premium and Standard service, and Couchettes and Wagon lits as wellm. Travel starting from 9 euros on all Frecce trains. The number of seats available is limited

2×1 Special Offer. With our 2×1 Special Offer you can get two tickets at price of one. Travel with a friend and pay just one ticket, at the full Base price.

Weekend return offer. Leave on Saturday and return on Sunday at affordable prices, on all Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca.

Same-day return offer. The offer is for a same-day return trip at the following set prices, that will change according to your route.

Familia offer. Offer for journeys by family groups made up of from 2 to 5 persons of whom at least 1 is an adult and 1 is a child of less than 12

Bimbi gratis is the offer from Trenitalia dedicated to children under 15 years of age travelling with at least one adult, in groups from 2 to 5 people. The offer allows children under 15 years of age to travel for free, while the other members of the group pay the Base Price for the selected train and service. The number of seats available is limited


Online. Check the website of Trenitalia. Buy ticket online and get it by mail or sms. It doesn‘t need to be validated. For regional tickets purchased on-line: it is not possible to bring forward the departure date; it is not allowed to change ticket or class; ticket refunds are not allowed.

Ticket machine if the station has them. It needs to be validated.

Ticket office. At the ticket window at the station there are long lines usualy.

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