New Space in Florence Central Market

Florence Central Market is a large covered square where authenticity, spontaneity and traditions are the protagonists. Newly opened space on the first market‘s floor is a great place to shop and find the good street food for the right price. Just immagine! Beside the normal shopping at the Central Market of Florence now you can find 500 places to sit and to eat something: restaurants and small bottegas offer the dishes prepared using only the raw materials that are sold within the Florence Cental Market.

Bread, cakes and pastries, fresh fish, fried dumplings, fruit and vegetables, meat and salami, mozzarella, cheese, chocolate and ice cream, fresh pasta, wine, lamprey, sandwiches: all the shops in the Central Market in Florence are conducted by passionated local merchants artisans. Every tiny detail in the Central Market in Florence is necessary to make this new modern place ideal for any visitor in any time of the day, from 10 am until midnight.

Business Ours?

Mon-Sun 10:00 am – 11:59 pm

How it works?

Pay right away! Each bottega or restaurant has its own cash desk.
Sit wherever you want! All the tables are available independently of what you eat.
Drink beer or wine! You can order to drink at the table an pay right away.
Pizza. You can order a pizza at pizzera “Da Sud”. Pay first, as for the pizza at the desk, wait for it, find the table and eat it 🙂
Ship all over the world! Green Speedy brings your purchase at home, with guaranteed delivery within 3 hours, or will send it wherever you want, all over the world.
WI-FI. Ask for password at InfoPoint.
Cash machine. You can find BCC Signa ATM at the first floor.

How to get there?
Central Market of Florence is in the San Lorenzo quarter, just 5 minutes on foot from the S. Maria Novella train station, the Cathedral, piazza San Marco, and Fortezza da Basso.

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