Accommodation in Florence: Fiesole

Accommodation in Florence_View of FiesoleIf you are planning a visit of world‘s renaissance capital, one of the main questions is accommodation in Florence. It‘s not easy to choose accommodation in Florence, the city with such a wide selection of every kind of hotels – from five stars world famous hotels to very basic but cheep hostels and many many options in between. Which one is the best for you and in which part of the city? team divided the city into the zones and described their main features. But today we want to propose something unusual, charming and unique – Fiesole.

Fiesole is located on a hilltop offering a very scenic view of Florence. Incredible, but the town is just just a 20 minute bus ride from Florence’s center. The best view is along the climb up to the monastery of San Francesco at the crest of the higher hill on which Fiesole sits on. Aside from heading to Fiesole for the view over Florence, make it a point to visit Fiesole’s Etruscan-Roman Archeological area.

Stunning Fiesole and its antique villas could be a perfect alternative for those who are looking for unique accommodation in Florence or its surroundings. Fiesole and its antique villas has many positive sides. First of all it is worth to stay in Fiesole only for the breathtaking views of Florence. Second, there are many wonderful hotels and apartments for rent. Third, if you are looking for green, tranquil, relaxing place, Fiesole is just perfect for you. More over, when in Florence is helly hot, in Fiesole you can enjoy a breath of fresh air. In Fiesole there are some good restaurants and bars. You can reach city center of Florence by bus in 20 minutes, or by car.

On the other hand accommodation Fiesole, has some negative sides, like it‘s quite far from the citty center of Florence. In Fiesole there are no luxury shops and boutiques.

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