Main attractions of Lunigiana

vigneto lunigianaLunigiana is an historical territory of Italy at the extreme north of Tuscany, situated between Liguria and Emilia Romagna along the course of the Magra river and its affluents. Its name derive from the ancient Roman settlement, perhaps pre-dated by an Etruscan settlement, later the medieval diocese called Luni, which no longer exists. There are a lot of attractions of Lunigiana you need know about.

First of all, the nature is the great resource of this region. Thermal waters, climatic and ski stations, trekking path are alternated with the local folklore, traditions and gastronomy. Lunigiana offers a unique nature between secular chestnut trees on the Appennines and rivers and torrents.

The region sometimes is called „the region of the one hundred castles“. A lot of them you can see still now. The Francigena Way is a typical characteristic of Lunigiana, bringing back to a magical medieval atmosphere of pilgrimage and churches and rivalries between villages.

Main attractions of Lunigiana:
• Castles of Lunigiana
• Churches and Abbeys of Lunigiana
• The marble quarries of Carrara
• Luni e Sarzana (Liguria region)
• Pontremoli town and its art
• Via Francigena in Lunigiana
• Favizzana and its caves
• Trekking, hiking, climbing, skiing
• Thermal waters
• Biking
• Tasting of local products

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