Photo Story: Abbey of San Galgano, the Sword in the Rock and Chiusdino

The Abbey of San Galgano, surrounded by wild nature, located in the commune of Chiusdino, approximately 30 km from Siena, attracts tourists due to 3 main reasons: a remarkable beauty of architecture, open-air opera festivals and the wonderful sword in the rock. Read more about the abbey here.

1 Castle near Siena

23 Suroundings of Chiusdino

21 Chiusdino

20 Chiusdino

San Galganos head

19 Chiusdino

18 Chiusdino

17 San Galgano

16 Bad hands

15 Sword in the Rock

14 Sword in the Rock

11 San Galgano details

11 San Galgano details (2)

10 San Galgano details

6 PicNic at San Galgano

4 San Galgano