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Verdura‘s Shoes – Responsable Fashion from Tuscany

Verdura's shoesOne day I was browsing Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, when I suddenly came across one particular project – recycled and eco-friendly footwear by Andrea Verdura. It captured my attention with both its originality and simplicity. Verdura presented an idea of shoes and sandals made of recycled fishing net banned by the European Union.

The young designer reveals: the story of the recycled and vegan footwear was born in an ordinary day when, in the faraway Australia, he broke his sandals and he had no other alternative than to create new shoes alone. Andrea Verdura brought the idea into Tuscany, where he’s based, and then continued his research for years on the materials, innovative designs and the shoe making techniques. Finally Verdura Net Sandals were born.

Verdura's shoes

What I like most about Verdura‘s Shoes and sandals? Well, there is more than one reason for liking them. First of all, the materials. The shoes are made of recycled stuff: fishing nets for the top of the shoe, cork for the anatomical footbeds, recycled Vibram rubber and waste leather from shoe production. Verdura‘s Shoes and sandals are dyed with natural pigments.

Verdura's shoes

Second, the uniqueness. As Andrea Verdura writes on his website, “the eccentric, boundary-less design, makes our shoes and sandals a unique walking experience. Each pair is a vibrant, pulsing creation, born from the unrivalled tradition of Tuscan shoemaking.” Wouldn’t you be thrilled by the idea of wearing these unique shoes and feeling softness of the sea around your foots?

Verdura's shoes

Last, but not least, the deep attention to the environmental impact and the responsible fashion. In the times when fashion moves so fast and often doesn’t think about the quality and durability, Verdura’s Shoes are an exception.

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