Things to do in Florence with kids

Florence with kidsNot all kids are very interested in art and can spend all the day in dozens of museums of art in Florence. But if you are here with your kids, there are some interesting possibilities. This is our list of things to do in Florence with kids.

Childrens Museum at the Palazzo Vecchio is a must. They have a lot of different tour for kids and “granted audience” with Duke Cosimo or Duchess Eleonora at the Museum Theater “Renaissance Civilization in Florence.” Need to book in advance! www.museoragazzi.it

Pic-Nic. Have a pic-nic with your kids in one of the gardens of the city. More about the Florentine gardens you can read HERE.

Carousel. Antique Carousel is located in the square Piazza della Repubblica. Kids just love it.

Galileo Museum is one of the most interesting non-renaissainse-art museums of Florence and it offers some creative educational workshops. www.museogalileo.it

Enjoy the meal. Gelato and pizza is MUST eat in not only in Florence, but in whole Italy. Be sure, kids will be very happy about the italian ice-cream and slice of pizza.

Museum of Zoology and Natural History. Visitors have access to 34 rooms: 24 are dedicated to zoology and 10 to anatomic waxes. www.museumsinflorence.com

Stibbert museum hosts collection of arms and armour, costumes, paintings, tapestries, furniture and other applied arts. The museum includes archaeological items, music instruments, liturgical objects, etc. www.museostibbert.it

Palazzo Strozzi Foundation activities includes not only art exhitions, but special labelling for families and children. www.palazzostrozzi.org

Machines of Leonardo da Vinci. The world’s biggest private collection of Leonardo da Vinci machines is born following the juvenile passion of Carlo (born on 25th February 1936), the founder of the Niccolai family and company. www.macchinedileonardo.com

Firenze of Papier Mache. You can visit with the kids this very interesting laboratory. www.firenzeofpapiermache.it

Enjoy animals and strange signs in the streets of Florence. You can find lions, real-size wild boar, bull’s head and many other sculptures and signs.