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Top Things to Do in Elba Island (part I)

Monte Capanna Cable Car

Whilst on your relaxing seaside holiday in Tuscany’s most beautiful island, don’t just limit yourself to taking a dip in the crystalline, refreshing sea; why do not explore even further and discover some of the most amazing things to do in Elba Island.

Monte Capanne Cable Car. The birdcage gondola (a small basket which can hold just 2 people) takes you to the top of the mountain overlooking all of the island. Incredible experience and fantastic views of the island! There’s a cafe at the top.

Scuba & Snorkeling. Elba is a perfect spot for underwater world lovers because of its rich underwater flora and fauna. If you are new, there are plenty of good diving and snorkeling schools around Elba island. Scuba & snorkeling in Elba is unforgettable underwater experience!

Boat Tours. Elba by the is a great way to discover the island, its beautiful beaches, spectacular coastlines and cozy towns. Many local companies provide boat tours of different length and itineraries. Moreover, you can discover the island kayaking or canoeing.

Dolphin & Whale Watching. The triangle of sea that makes up the Pelagos Sanctuary is around 84,000km squared, and includes Italy, France and Monaco. This area has the largest number of whales, dolphins and other marine life. You can take a trip from Elba island and discover some of the most amazing Mediterranean marine wildlife!

Parco Minerario dell’Isola d’Elba. The Mineral Park of Elba Island is created to preserve and enhance what remains of nearly three thousands of years of culture marked by the iron and the work of man. If you have children, they will really enjoy this tour showing old mines architecture and the resources of this island. Better to book one day in advance.

Miniere di Capoliveri. The thrill of the underworld of the underground mine of Ginevro. Inside the galleries you will find the story of Capoliveri mines, the anecdotes of the miners, the ancient instruments of labor, trains, winches, hammers used to dig 7 km of roads in the rock, up to -54 meters below sea level.

Elba by bike. The Capoliveri Bike Park is a spectacular territory with more than 100 km off-roads and biking trails is a must for all cycling enthusiasts. Don’t worry if you are staying on the other side of Elba because the rest of the island has spectacular cycling roads for bike lovers.


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