Trekking in Tuscany: Botri canyon

trekking in tuscany butri canyonIf you are interested in trekking in Tuscany and want to experience an amazing canyon in undiscovered Garfagnana zone, then check out a hidden place in the Serchio Valley, called Orrido di Botri, or Botri Canyon near Bagni di Lucca: a strikingly harsh calcareous cave with steep walls deeply by the cold waters of the Rio Pelago torrent.

It is an extremely narrow valley and originates due to tectonic causes, by violent movements of the rocky strata with ensuing collapse and fractures capable of channelling water. The Botri Canyon is a bona fide wilderness, where you can find rare and regal animals, such as the golden eagle and wolf. So Trekking in Tuscany can be very exciting and unexpected!

Four hour trekking tour through the gorge starts at Ponte a Gaio and finishes at the point known as Piscina, which provides the only access to the gorge, where the visitors’ centre and ticket office are both located. The reserve is open from June to September, as that’s when the water flow is low enough to be safe for trekkers and engaging in the sport of canyoning. Helmets are provided and you are required to wear tough mountain boots, a warm waterproof jacket and a change of clothes for afterwards as you are guaranteed to get wet, walking through the shallow waters.

The price per person is €14 for adults or €7 for children under eleven.

The reserve is reached from Lucca with highway n. 12 of the Brennero, take up to Fornoli near Bagni di Lucca; Tereglio to turn, take the provincial road n. 56th Follow the directions to Ponte a Gaio – Ravine of Botri. The village of Ponte a Gaio is also reachable via Montefegatesi, from Bagni di Lucca, or the Scesta for those traveling on the SS Brenner in the south. Tours start at Ponte a Gaio, the only access to the gorge, where the reception center of CFS and the box office.

Visitors’ centre and booking:

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