Best accommodation in Chianti

Castello Brolio by curiositasufirenze.wordpress.comThe Chianti area is one of the most famous wine regions in the world, so it is certainly a must to visit during your trip around Italy. Moreover, if you desire to experience Tuscan countryside there is no better way to do that than staying in Chianti area. But which is the best accommodation in Chianti type for you? Where is better to stay in Chianti? We will try to help you by describing what you can expect.

Town \ village. There are hundreds of towns and villages in the countryside between Florence and Siena (yes, the most of this teritory is called Chianti area). Most popular of them are Radda in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti, San Casciano and others. B&B or Hotel type accommodation in Chianti towns usually is based in the center of habitat or just outside it. This type of accommodation is perfect for those who want to experience the spirit and life of small Italian town. You will get know a bar’s owner, bread and vegetables’ sellers, and old Italians that are staring at you finally will great you in the morning!

Borgo. First of all, you will ask what is borgo and if it‘s similar to the village. „Ni“, as italians would say (si+no=ni). Borgo is very small hamlet on the top of the hill (usually in Tuscany), composed by 4-6 buildings that belong to the same person or family. Many of borghi now are renovated and serve as a fascinating type of accommodation in Chianti. Staying in borgo you can enjoy Tuscan countryside in private, surrounded by olives and vineyards.

We recommend B&B Borgo Argenina in the heart of Chianti. Discover more HERE.

Historical Villa. What can be more exciting than staying in luxury historical villa in the middle of Chianti area. Many of those villas belonged in the past to the Tuscan noble families (Medici, Guicciardini, Gherardesca and other). This type of accommodation in Chianti allows you to enjoy complete luxury and authenticity. The spaces for the guests are breathtaking, parks and gardens are perfectly kept, food and wine are delicious.

Fattoria. One of the most beatiful ways to experience Tuscany and Chianti is to stay at fattoria, or farmhouse. Most of them are producing wine and olive oil, so you can learn about the wine an oil making process, daily routine of the farmer, organic farming and eco-sustainability. Moreover, you can also learn some italian cooking secrets. This type of accommodation in Chianti is perfect for those who are looking for both rustic and comfortable place to stay.

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