Photoreportage: Cherries Festival in Lari 2013

Cherries Festival in LariThe tiny burg of Lari, located in the Province of Pisa, is the setting for a unique festival entitled La Sagra delle Ciliegie di Lari (english: Cherries Festival in Lari), dedicated to this fruit. Lari is proud to be a home of over 15 cherry varietals, which the locals showcase with joy at their annual festival. The traditional cherries festival is one of Tuscany’s oldest. It is a great opportunity to taste this sweet fruit and all of its traditional culinary specialities. The tastes are unique and very special!

In the main square of Lari numerous stands run by local producers of the fruit sell their products, freshly picked. During the festival, the cherry market and food stands stay open all the day and late evening. During this very special annual event, held in the first week of June, a host of food stands will organize shows, events, tastings, concerts and more.