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Italian Recipes. Pici with Garlic Sauce

picci all aglionePici with Garlic Sauce, or Pici all’Aglione (aglio means garlic, and gives an idea of just how garlicky this is) from the Montepulciano/Montalcino area south of Siena. Pici are hand-made, somewhat irregular strands of flour-and-water pasta (as opposed to egg pasta) that are about an eighth of an inch thick. If you can’t find them, use either bucatini or other thick-stranded pasta.


400 g. pici
5 pieces of garlic
4 tomatoes
1 hot pepper
Olive oil


• Bring pasta water to a boil and begin cooking the pici.
• Heat quite a bit of olive oil in a high-sided skillet, add very finely minced garlic and hot pepper, and when it begins to brown add finely cutted tomatoes.
• Continue cooking, stirring constantly, untill the water has evaporated and the sauce is densy. At this point add salt to taste.
• By now the pici should be al dente; drain them, transfer them to the skillet while the colander is still dripping a little, and move the skillet as you would if you were flipping an omelet to coat the strands with the sauce.