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One day in Siena

Siena 1One day in Siena and its surroundings can be very unexpected. The goal of our trip to Siena was a wonderful photo exhibition of world famous photographer Steve McCurry, but the day ended with much more than that. And it’s a perfect case to show how full of events and surprises is Tuscany! So we started with an short walk admiring small streets of Siena and stunning cathedral. We spent more that one our in the photo exhibition (you can stay there even more, if you want to visit archeological exposition, huge frescoes and narrow corridors of the historical hospital of Siena). After light lunch at “Il Bandierino” in Piazza del Campo, we found a motorshow and the possibility to take a flight with a helicopter over Siena. Who can miss it?! And at the of this very long day in Siena, we took the old street cold “Chiantigiana” wich gave stunning views of sunset, wineyards, and the wine festival in Panzano village.